final project

the main point that we want to get across to the world is to be aware of the problem of how much is to much technology. This issue is a hard one to tackle because some will think that there can never be enough technology and who are we to tell someone that they have to much. However we can argue that when people start to become socially inept and physically unhealthy because they do nothing but immerse their selves into their technology is a good example of how this is becoming a real problem. Like the episode of “Southpark” we watched about game playing was a stellar example and one that I have seen first hand where people can sink into the virtual world with little effort. so our main goal should be to make people aware of the facts and hopefully get them to see how it could become a problem for some people. I think that getting a large number of people together and talking about this issue is the best way to get this point across as well as promoting social interaction. Then having a huge party where people can dance and interact is also something where people will get off their ass and do something instead of watching it on the couch and observing. The main point is to make people aware so if they do just sit on the couch and participate from afar, at least they are being made aware of the issue and might be motivated to do something about it and at least the get the idea in their head.


Making people aware

The fix young America website sounded like a great idea but when you went into the website it just seemed very commercial and more like an advertisement than anything else. Many people in class thought it was a scam and did not seem like they would be interested in it even though at least it is an attempt to get people to think about what the future will hold for the children of the world. It just goes to show you how our attention span has become more and more limited about what we see as interesting. I think if this was shown about five years ago it would have seemed much more interesting and innovated then what we have to compare it to today. There is a need to grab the attention quickly of the person who is looking at something or they lose interest fast. That is why we as a team have to come up with some great ideas to bring to our festival so that people will get interested and support what we come up with. so much that we consider entertainment these days has to be new and fresh or we lose interest. Interactivity is the best way to keep someone’s interest and keep their attention long enough to get your ideas across. I think we will be able to do that and can’t wait to see how this project turns out.

Living in the submarine

The metaphor for the now generation living in a submarine is a good one in that many of the young people of today were born with the technology already and do not know what it was like to not have it. They don’t know what it was like to not have a cell phone or the internet and what is was like before that. As time goes by the now generation will be more and more caught up in technology that will make them socially unaware of how to deal with what we see as ordinary  scenarios. The deeper we get involved in technology the more it seems that we lose touch with reality and fall into a world of the virtual. People need to become aware of this fact weither they want to do something about it or not they should still be educated about what is going on because most young people don’t even see it as a problem and maybe to some it is not.

Anything is possible

It is truly amazing that you can come up with almost anything these days and can easily have it created by outside sources. Watching the video of people thinking up things or taking pictures of something and then being able to have it made is pretty cool and just goes to show you how far we have come in the world of technology. Sometimes it feels like we should already be driving flying cars and being transported from here to there, but in reality we are advancing technology faster then we may think. 2012 always seemed so far away when I was young but it has snuck up on me and the technology we use everyday has as well. It is funny how you start to take for granted all the technology that we use without realizing how far we have really come in such a short amount of time and when is it or has it already become to much? I know many people who are older that think we have already reached this point and really don’t want any part of it but have to to keep up with the “Jones”. So to put it mildly we have advanced much further then we thought we would at this time.

Little Big Planet

It is nic

e to know that there are some games out there that actually are educational and make you think about things other then blowing up or killing something. This game was pretty cool because you could actualy build your own environment that is unique to the person creating it. It kind of relates to the festival we are creating and gets you into a creative mood. Can’t wait to see how this turns out when we are done with the project.

What is important?

When discussing this issue in class the first thing that comes to mind is friends and family, that is what I consider most important. However you have to have certain things in order for you to be with your friends and family such as health and feeling to want to be with these people. Things that threaten this well being is what you think about that would cause you to not be able to be a part of their lives, such as illness, death, or some kind of mental disability. Coming up with ways to express this should not be to hard, however trying to figure out how to present it could be a tad more difficult.In terms of a project that you could covey these thoughts and emotions the best way to bring this about would be to make people aware of things that they might take for granted, which is what most of the “now” generation is doing. Being older I remember a time before cell phones and computers where people had to communicate more on a face to face level that is starting to become a thing of the past and soon the things that are most important to you could become noting more then a image on a screen. I think that everyone should be made aware of this fact and put some major thought into how they want to address this issue or not if they see that this is something that they could care less about, which I think is the way that many people are headed because they no nothing else.

How human can robots become?

the short clip we watched in class was pretty accurate on how I think the world of technology may probably end up. Robots might become so much like humans that it will be hard for us to tell the difference and robots might even get confused if they are real or not. It is hard to believe that this could ever possibly happen but it just might The fact that robots will be available for are every need sounds like science fiction but there is a lot of science fiction that has already come to be and we keep advancing at every turn so it could be very possible in the near future. There are many ideals people would rather not think could be replaced by technology however it is already happening in our everyday lives. Even the simple act of hooking up or meeting someone is being replaced by the internet where people can check each other out and decide, without ever leaving their home, if they want to meet or not. The simple act of connecting with someone in person is becoming a thing of the past. It is a interesting fact that will be taken for granted in the future and in generations to come. Having robots for sex is disturbing but can totally be imaginable because yo could have whatever you want whenever you want, why not right?